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Consumer & Economic Advocacy Program uses civil legal remedies, as well as non-legal advocacy to protect economic equity of low-and moderate-income families.

We prevent foreclosures and defend against predatory lending. We resolve tax issues with the IRS for low-income taxpayers. We strive to ensure that vulnerable groups have strong safeguards in place to help them build and maintain assets throughout their financial lives.

Our Goals

  • Reduce the loss of homes to foreclosures and unfair practices, and end predatory mortgage lending.
  • Ensure protections are in place to prevent abuses by banks and finance companies and stop payday lenders and tax scams.
  • Litigate cases that increase protections and recover damages for consumers with low incomes.

Legal Advocacy

  • Financial Consumer Protections
  • Fair Housing
  • Homeowners’ Rights
  • Taxpayers’ Rights

Legal Work

  • Bankruptcy/debt relief
  • Home foreclosure support, especially for those in danger of homelessness
  • Increasing awareness about unfair sales practices
  • Loan modifications
  • Low-income taxpayer assistance
  • Protection from predatory loan practices

Special Projects

Brooklyn A’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic exists to represent and provide education and outreach to low-income taxpayers, including those who speak English as a second language (ESL).
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Community Partnerships

Pro Bono Partnerships

  • Cuti & Wang LLP
  • New York State Foreclosure Defense Bar
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