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Brooklyn A partners with other neighborhood-based organizations to serve the holistic needs of our community members. Here is a selection of partners with their contact information.

Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center


  • Regular Services (clinical HIV/AIDS, dentistry, family planning, family practice, internal medicine, nutrition, OB/GYN, pediatrics, prenatal care, substance abuse assessment, men’s health and women’s health, dental services)
  • Specialty Services On-Site (surgical consultation, cardiology, podiatry, eye clinic)
  • Special Programs (WIC, Medicaid-Prenatal Case Assistance Program, Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative, Diabetes Educational Program, support groups, Asthma Program)


Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Services: Career and Education/College Success, Community Development, Community Organizing, Economic Development, Housing Counseling, Youth and Family Services


North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence

Services: Victim Support Services (to navigate the criminal justice system), Joyful Family Services (designed to help women take back control of and rebuild their lives, free of abuse), Children’s Services (to provide individual counseling to children/teens who are exposed to domestic or dating violence), Community Education & Outreach


Bridge Street Development Corporation

Services: Real Estate Development, Economic Development, Civic Engagement, Homeownership, Education, and Counseling, Senior Services


  • 460 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn NY 11216
  • (718) 399-0146

Churches United for Fair Housing

Services: A not for profit, faith-based, non-partisan grassroots organization which is successfully working towards creating a sustainable living community responsive to housing, open space, education, health and economic development needs in and near North Brooklyn.


  • 66 Whipple St., Brooklyn NY 11206
  • (718) 360-2906

El Puente

Services: Leadership Centers, Arts, Academy for Peace and Justice, Green Light District & Community Wellness Programs, Climate Action Network, Global Justice Institute


  • 211 South 4th St., Brooklyn NY 11211,
  • (718) 387-0404

St. Nicks Alliance

Services: Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Workforce Development, Health Care, Youth & Education, Art & Culture


  • 2 Kingsland Ave., Brooklyn NY 11211
  • (718) 388-5454

Central American Legal Assistance

Services: Low-cost legal services to New York’s immigrant community (staff is bilingual)


Cypress Hills Child Care Corporation

Services: Family Day Care Network, Head Start Program, Child Care Center, Financial Literacy Classes for Women


  • 3295 Fulton St., Brooklyn NY 11208
  • (718) 235-3949

Los Sures

Services: Social Services, Affordable Housing, Community Organizing, Property Management


  • Southside United HDFC – 213 South 4th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 387-3600
  • Los Sures Social Services – 145 South 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11211,(718) 599-1940
  • Los Sures “David Santiago” Senior Center – 201 South 4th St., Brooklyn NY 11211, (718) 384-2314

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