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Brooklyn A’s mission is to advance social and economic justice by empowering communities through innovative, collaborative, neighborhood-based legal representation and advocacy. For over 50 years, we have provided free, high-quality legal assistance to individuals, families, not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs), community development corporations (CDCs), and coalitions interested in developing and sustaining vibrant, healthy communities.

To defend tenants’ rights and achieve justice, we utilize an array of methods—community organizing, affirmative civil rights litigation, and eviction defense. Collaboration with city, state, and federal officials to enforce housing laws and develop legislative solutions is also an integral part of our strategy. This, coupled with our demonstrated commitment to building community-based coalitions, has made us a leading voice in New York City’s ongoing public discourse about affordable housing, tenants’ rights, foreclosure defense, and community-based development. We focus our work on advocacy that protects and develops affordable housing, combats tenant harassment and housing discrimination, strengthens families, provides access to education and health care, and safeguards subsistence income for low-income individuals and communities throughout Brooklyn and New York City.

Brooklyn A has three core programs—Preserving Affordable Housing (PAH) Program, Consumer & Economic Advocacy (CEA) Program, and Community & Economic Development (CED) Program—each of which has unique initiatives and plays an important community role to ensure basic needs are met and fundamental rights affirmed.

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9 hours ago
Thank you to our attorneys Kristie & Catherine for speaking with the @NYCArtC and @friendsloversbk to share important info on what to do about paying rent for the month of April.
11 hours ago
Small businesses are shutting down to help keep their employees & customers safe. But w/out customers they can’t pay rent. @NYGovCuomo it’s time to #CancelRent so they can survive. Businesses that shutter in the next few months may never come back #NoSmallBizNoNYC BKAlegal photo
11 hours ago
Rest in Power, Lorena Borjas. Thank you for saving many lives and for being a beacon of light and justice.
12 hours ago
Small business owners - know that you are protected by the #EvictionMoratorium. BKA and other members of @usb_nyc are here to help clarify your rights and call for stronger protections - like #CancelRent.

@NYGovCuomo we need your help.
4 days ago
Landlords can’t sue you or evict you and courts are closed. If you have a court date, it will be postponed. Stay home, and stay safe. Make sure you know your rights during the #evictionmoratorium. BKA can help. BKAlegal photo
4 days ago
BKA as a member of the Coalition for Affordable Homes call on @NYCMayor to cancel the 2020 tax lien sale for Tax Class 1 properties. As New Yorkers adhere to stay-at-home orders, we cannot undermine the importance of housing stability by proceeding with the tax lien sale.