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Small Business Support Project (SBSP) provides free legal services to underserved small business owners who cannot otherwise afford counsel.

To request assistance through the Commercial Lease Assistance program, click button below. 

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If you have questions or need assistance, please contact [email protected]

Our Goals

  • Support affordable and culturally relevant small businesses, which are the largest source of employment in NYC.
  • Prevent commercial displacement and discrimination due to continued gentrification of diverse communities and the consolidation of commercial space in the hands of fewer and larger national chains and corporations.

Legal Advocacy

Legal Work

SBSP services include but are not limited to:

  • legal support with negotiating a new or renewal lease;
  • changes to a current lease; 
  • negotiating a lease termination or assignment; 
  • negotiating a sublet agreement; 
  • enforcing terms of a lease, sublease, or oral/unwritten agreement with a landlord; and
  • combatting landlord harassment and/or breach of contract. 

Community Partnerships

We partner with deeply-rooted community-based organizations across New York City to bring our services to the neighborhoods and communities that need it most.

Our community partners include:

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