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Kindra is a dedicated development and communications professional with a rich background in supporting legal nonprofits aimed at promoting fairness and equity within the legal system, especially for the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Her journey in this field began at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, where she honed her skills and passion as the Development and Communications Coordinator. There, Kindra played a pivotal role in crafting messages and strategies that helped bridge the gap between legal services and those in dire need of them.

Her commitment to justice and community service led her to her current role at Brooklyn A, where she utilizes her expertise to make a meaningful impact. Kindra’s work is driven by a deep belief in the power of communication and development strategies to improve lives and foster a more equitable society.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kindra nurtures her creative and spiritual sides. She is saxophonist, expressing her faith and love for music through performances at her church, where she is also deeply involved in missionary work. This blend of creativity, passion for social justice, and community engagement makes Kindra a unique and invaluable asset to the causes she dedicates herself to.

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