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One of the many strong mothers in our community…

Something that we are all seeing during the coronavirus crisis is that unexpected hardships can lead to challenging circumstances.  

This is a lesson Damarys learned years ago. 

Close to twenty years ago, Damarys and her partner bought a house together in East New York, Brooklyn. Owning a home was a significant accomplishment for her as a first-generation New Yorker, whose parents had moved from Puerto Rico. The couple was raising their three daughters in the home when Damarys’ partner left the family unexpectedly and moved across country. Damary now had to fight to maintain stability for her children.

As a single parent without financial help from her ex, Damarys was unable to make mortgage payments on time. Her family’s house went into foreclosure. The mortgage bank refused to negotiate a loan modification or work with Damarys and her family to remain in their home.

Attorneys in Brooklyn A’s Consumer & Economic Advocacy Program assisted Damarys in filing for bankruptcy , stopping the sale of her home, and helped to change the deed to list her as the sole owner so that she could better negotiate with the mortgage bank.

This success came at a critical time. Now with shutdowns from COVID-19, Damarys and her daughters are safely housed during this time and her mortgage payments are aligned with her current financial situation.

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