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Moratoriums expired – what happens next?

Dear friends,

On January 15, 2022 the New York State moratoriums on residential and commercial evictions and foreclosures expired. The moratoriums were put into place in March 2020 to recognize the hardship and stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis. During this time, extensions to the moratoriums acknowledged that residential and commercial tenants and homeowners deserved protection from displacement.

Brooklyn A stands with our client communities in seeking protections and relief in the absence of the moratoriums. It is unfortunate that our communities have to deal with the threat of displacement at the height of the Omicron variant and the winter cold… Nevertheless, there is hope. We have been preparing for this moment and are ready to meet the challenge to keep New Yorkers in their homes and businesses.

Below are the key changes and protections for tenants, small business owners, and homeowners to know right now. Please share on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We are here to support you. We will continue to share resources in the coming weeks and months. Email us at [email protected] or call (718) 487-2300 to discuss your rights or access our services.

Help us spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors by forwarding or sharing this information. With your help, all New Yorkers can access high-quality assistance and services and avoid displacement.

All our best,

Brooklyn A

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