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We wanted to share a round up of the updates we’ve been receiving from our Program Directors and Advocates.

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As we continue to meet the challenges of recovery and uncertainty in a world reckoning with the COVID-19 pandemic, deepening economic disparities, and racial injustice, community is crucial. We hope this newsletter brings you opportunities to learn about our work, about our client communities, and connect with essential resources. Together, we are stronger.

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This week, we wanted to share a round up of the updates we have received from our Program Directors and Advocates. Kristie, Alham, Tamara, Jonathan, and Alex have shared what they are seeing on the ground working on the front lines of recovery.

Kristie wrote about how housing stability took a major toll during the pandemic, and despite limited government rent relief, tenants in NYC continue to reel due to loss of employment and income. Jonathan told us the story of how Atalanta, facing harassment and ultimately an illegal lockout by her landlord, found relief in a settlement he was able to help secure.

Alex pointed out mortgage delinquencies of at least 90 days have risen to the highest level in 10 years. His clients, Rick and Yasmin, first-time homeowners, were served with a foreclosure complaint just as their first child was born. Over the last year, Alex worked with Rick and Yasmin so that their young family could keep their home and live without fear of foreclosure.

“The fabric of our city,” is how Alham characterized the small businesses and non-profits that we have served throughout this pandemic. One of those businesses was Buunni Coffee, a small, immigrant-owned enterprise, whose owners came to Brooklyn A seeking assistance renegotiating their lease.

Finally, we heard from Tamara who leading our Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic, has helped hundreds of families navigate the complex tax system. Mr. Diaz, a client of the program, was one of 9 million Americans who were eligible for a stimulus check but didn’t receive one. With Brooklyn A’s help, Mr. Diaz was able to apply to receive his stimulus check.

Together, we prevent residential and commercial displacement and build community resilience.

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