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Rick and Yasmin from Jamaica, Queens.

After buying their first home and having their first baby, they came close to foreclosure.

Dear friend,

Rick and Yasmin are a second-generation immigrant couple. A couple years ago, they purchased their first home in Jamaica, Queens. They are and were the first ones in their families to own a house. But, during this pandemic, they came close to losing their home to foreclosure.

Unfortunately, a couple of years after buying the home, Rick’s restaurant business began to lose income. The couple also had to complete substantial renovations to their home, including replacing a roof and were scammed by a contractor who took a lot of money but did a poor job. As a result, even more, repairs were needed.

Eventually, all the repairs were completed, and Rick got his business back on track. By that time, the couple has substantially fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Rick and Yasmin were served with a foreclosure complaint just as their first child was born.

Rick and Yasmin were referred to Brooklyn A to receive assistance and get them out of foreclosure. Brooklyn A attorneys filed an answer and represented the couple at foreclosure settlement conferences. Although the COVID-19 pandemic hit after the first appearances, Brooklyn A negotiated a loan modification and settled the case. Now, Rick and Yasmin can stay in their home and raise their young family without fear of foreclosure.

Their family is among the many that are impacted by our work with the help of your financial support. Would you consider donating to sustain Brooklyn A’s work to provide free, high-quality legal counsel?

Rick and Yasmin were able to keep their home during the pandemic and continue being part of their community, but we know the threat of a mass wave of foreclosures is looming. Read what my team and I are seeing on the ground here.

Thank you,

Alex Knipenberg, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Consumer and Economic Advocacy

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