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The Small Business Support Project (SBSP) is Brooklyn A’s newest program and a reflection of our commitment to meeting the evolving legal service needs of constituents across the city. The SBSP is a project of our CED Program and builds upon our close to 50 years of experiences providing expert legal counsel to nonprofits based in and supporting low-income and marginalized communities throughout New York City.

Our flagship venture, the Commercial Lease Assistance (CLA) Program provides high-quality, free, dedicated legal counsel to small business owners on matters related to commercial leasing.   The CLA Program provides critical legal services to New Yorkers who have been historically under-resourced and are unlikely to be able to afford quality legal counsel by prioritizing lower-income, immigrant, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses; owners whose primary language is not English; and businesses with leases expiring within 6 months or operating under unwritten/oral agreements, that are facing landlord harassment or loss of income due to landlord inaction on repairs,  that have been in the same community 10 years or more, and/or are located in an area that is being or has been rezoned in the past 15 years.

Services include but are not limited to legal support with negotiating a new or renewal lease, changes to a current lease; negotiating a lease termination or assignment; negotiating a sublet agreement; enforcing terms of a lease, sublease, or oral/unwritten agreement with a landlord; and combatting landlord harassment and/or breach of contract.  Both written leases and unwritten agreements are welcome and services are available in several languages.  The CLA Program does not handle litigation matters.

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Brooklyn A is partnering with Volunteers of Legal Service (VOLS) and the Community Development Project at Urban Justice Center (CDP) to provide the legal services under the CLA Program. Brooklyn A manages the CLA program while all three legal services organizations represent clients participating in the program:


The CLA Program proud to partner with deeply-rooted community organizations in all five boroughs to bring this program to the neighborhoods and communities that need it most. 

Our community partners include:


The CLA Program is funded by NYC Department of Small Business Services.