The shortage of affordable rental housing remains one of the most critical problems facing low-income individuals and families in Brooklyn.  The limited availability of safe, decent affordable housing makes the preservation of existing low-income housing crucial. Efforts to help low-income people gain access to — and remain in — such housing is central to our works. Brooklyn A created the Preserving Affordable Housing Program to defend the rights of tenants, work with groups building and operating tenant-run cooperatives, and help ensure that low income tenants have access to safe and affordable housing.


Our major priorities include:

  • Eviction defense cases, especially cases involving public and subsidized housing residents and cases against major landlord actors
  • Working with tenant associations to help them understand housing policies and assist in changing unfair policies when needed
  • Advocating for victims of abuse to protect housing options — which could mean relocation for safety reasons or preservation of existing housing when abuse puts them under threat of eviction
  • Working with low-income cooperatives 

Within the Preserving Affordable Housing Program, Brooklyn A has two units:

Group Representation Unit & Individual Representation Unit