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Current state-wide “justice gap” statistics cited include a staggering number of legally unrepresented people, most of them are families with children under age 18, African Americans, Latinos, immigrants, unemployed, uninsured, and those burdened with disabilities. Because of the lack of legal representation, the effort to provide honest, independent advice, and legal counsel is critical to our mission of helping victims of fraud obtain redress.

Additionally, the ongoing foreclosure crisis has aggravated the borough’s housing issues. Each year since 2007, NYC has reported record numbers of foreclosure filings. Brooklynites are at higher risk of foreclosure than most other city and state residents. Our advice, counsel, and representation helps both those in the midst of foreclosure as well as those in danger of foreclosure.


Our major priorities include:

  • Home foreclosure support, especially for those in danger of homelessness
  • Protection from predatory loan practices,
  • Bankruptcy/debt relief
  • Increasing awareness about unfair sales practices
  • Loan modifications

Brooklyn A’s Consumer and Economic Advocacy Program consists of two main areas of practice: Foreclosure Defense and Anti-Predatory Lending.