Brooklyn A addresses the systemic problems facing our communities by providing a combination of full legal representation, brief advice/services, and legal education to vulnerable populations including low-income working poor, unemployed, disabled, elderly, immigrants, families in crisis and the community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve them.

Brooklyn A has three core programs:

(1) Preserving Affordable Housing Program to preserve tenancies and increase affordable housing for low-income clients;

(2) Consumer and Economic Advocacy Program to provide legal assistance, including advice, advocacy and litigation services to homeowners facing foreclosure, and/or victimized by predatory lending practices and;

(3) Community and Economic Development (CED) Program to provide general counsel and transactional legal services to community-based organizations (CBOs) and community development corporations (CDCs). We partner with and provide legal services to dozens of effective CBOs each year that have a demonstrated commitment to our common goal of social and economic justice.

Community and Economic Development Program Team (CED)

        • Jessica Rose, Esq., Program Director
        • Paul Acinapura, Esq., Of Counsel
        • Joseph Bishop, Esq., Staff Attorney, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett Extern
        • Meah Clay, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney
        • Jennifer Kubicki, Esq., Staff Attorney

Consumer and Economic Advocacy Program Team (CEA)

        • David Bryan, Esq., Program Director
        • Ndukwe Agwu, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney
        • Tamara del Carmen, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney, Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
        • Andrew Malozemoff, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney 
        • Joyce Vargas, Paralegal

Preserving Affordable Housing Program (PAH)

Individual Representation Program Team

        • Leander McRae, Esq., Program Director
        • Janna Levin, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Kristie Ortiz, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney
        • Austen Refuerzo, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Charnyl Revere, J.D., Staff Attorney
        • Christopher Sina, J.D., Staff Attorney
        • Sebastian Brady, Americorps*VISTA Legal Services Coordinator
        • Myrna Sanabria, Senior Paralegal
        • Reva Zenruffinen, Esq., Staff Attorney

Group Representation Program Team

        • Shekar Krishnan, Esq., Program Director
        • Travis Arrindell, Esq, Deputy Program Director
        • Gregory E. Louis, Esq., Deputy Program Director
        • Martin Needelman, Esq., Chief Counsel 
        • Samuel Hamilton Chiera, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Alex Drimal, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Lina Lee, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Adam Meyers, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Rachel Nager, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Raphael Ruttenberg, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Maggie Saalfield, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Jean Stevens, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Ezi Ukegbu, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Jack Underwood, Esq., Staff Attorney
        • Sara Wolkensdorfer, Esq., Staff Attorney, Poverty Justice Solutions Fellow
        • Maria-Julia Echart, Community Outreach and Intake Specialist
        • Caroline Iosso, Fair Housing Advocate
        • Ana Granados, Legal Advocate
        • Carmen Manzano, Legal Assistant and Intake Specialist
        • Naomi Meyer, Legal Assistant and Intake Specialist
        • Milagros Sandoval, Community Outreach and Intake Specialist
        • Justina Walker, Legal Advocate