Brooklyn A Mission

To advance social and economic justice and community empowerment through innovative, collaborative, neighborhood-based legal representation and advocacy. We assist individuals, families, not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs), community development corporations (CDCs), and coalitions in sustaining and developing vibrant, healthy communities.

Brooklyn A provides high-quality legal services (full legal representation, brief advice/services, and legal education) to low-moderate income individuals, CBOs and CDCs in Brooklyn and throughout New York City.  Since 1968, Brooklyn A has devoted our legal services to advocacy that protects housing, strengthens families, provides access to education and health care, and safeguards subsistence income for our city’s most vulnerable residents. We have successfully represented and advised thousands of families in varied and multi-faceted legal matters.


Core Programs


Community and Economic Development Program (CED)

Brooklyn A’s CED Program provides critical legal support and representation to community-based organizations and community development corporations that serve low-income communities across New York City. CED attorneys provide CBOs with ongoing, comprehensive legal counsel in their daily operation and functioning and at all stages of project and program development. By increasing our client’s organizational strength, we increase the effectiveness of the services they deliver and their ability to meet their community’s needs. Brooklyn A clients are then better able to create, develop, and operate new and rehabilitated affordable housing, provide high-quality health care services, develop community-wide sustainable development strategies, provide support and educational services to youth from infancy through college, and generally work for social and economic justice in local low-income communities.

Consumer and Economic Advocacy Program (CEA)

The goal of the Consumer and Economic Advocacy Program is to empower underrepresented consumers to assert their rights in the marketplace and courts and financially stabilize. As Brooklyn A was establishing our consumer rights practice, the foreclosure crisis was beginning to seriously impact low-income homeowners. In response, we expanded our foreclosure defense work as a part of Brooklyn A’s consumer rights practice. We provide legal assistance, including advice, advocacy, and litigation services to homeowners facing foreclosure and/or victimized by predatory lending practices.

Preserving Affordable Housing Program (PAH)

The goal of our Preserving Affordable Housing Program is to preserve tenancies and increase affordable housing for low-income clients. We represent tenants individually and collectively through tenants’ associations in Supreme and Housing courts, defending them in eviction proceedings, and, if necessary, bringing affirmative cases to ensure that their landlords provide essential services and perform adequate repair and maintenance work. This work is done in conjunction with community organizations that promote the expansion of resources for affordable housing and try to minimize the loss of currently affordable units. Further, the Housing Program directly supports Housing Development Fund Companies (HDFC) and community coalitions.