Brooklyn A also empowers community members to take action against discrimination. It is crucial to take detailed notes of instances of discrimination, whether they are an in-person conversation, a phone call, or a letter. Use the Housing Discrimination Log to keep a record of your interactions with whomever is breaking Fair Housing laws. If you believe that you’re a victim of housing discrimination, reach out to Brooklyn A’s Fair Housing Advocate to file a complaint or begin a lawsuit. To take action on your own, please see our Complaint Procedure Factsheet.

With questions about your rights, inquiries about setting up a Know Your Fair Housing Rights workshop, or to set up an appointment to discuss your discriminatory situation, call Brooklyn A’s Fair Housing Advocate at 718-487-2324.


Housing Discrimination Log

Use this form to record conversations and incidents that feel discriminatory. The more you keep track of these incidents, the easier it will be to prove your discrimination claim.

Housing Discrimination Log – EnglishEspañol


How to use the Housing Discrimination Log:

Housing discrimination can be difficult to prove. It’s crucial to building your case that we have detailed evidence. This log will help you to keep track of when, where, and how you’re experiencing discriminatory treatment. You can use this log when you’re searching for an apartment, by including the address of the apartment, the date you visited, the name of the person with whom you spoke, their job title (landlord, broker, real estate agent, etc.), and what was said or done. You can also use this log when you feel that you’re being discriminated against with regards to the services provided to you in your home. In this case, you would record the date of the event, the name of the person at fault, the job title of the person at fault (landlord, super, managing agent, etc.), and what was said, done, or not done. For example, if you call your super for a repair on April 5th and feel that your request is ignored, record when and how you made the request and how it was responded to. If you notice that your neighbor gets a repair on April 7th, record that as well.

Using this log will be immensely helpful in filing a complaint with an agency or taking your case to court. If you have any questions about how or when to use this log, please call 718-487-2324.


Como Usar el Registro de Discriminación de Vivienda:

La discriminación de vivienda puede ser difícil de probar. Es crucial para formar su caso que tengamos evidencia detallada. Este registro le ayudara hacer un seguimiento de cuando, donde, y como usted experimenta trato discriminatorio. Puede usar este registro cuando está buscando un apartamento, a incluir la dirección del apartamento, la fecha en que lo visitó, el nombre de la persona con quien habló, su título del trabajo (dueño, bróker, agente de bienes raíces, etc.), y que habló o hizo. También puede usar este registro cuando se siente que alguien está discriminando en contra de usted con respecto a los servicios provenidos a usted en su hogar. En este caso, tomará notas de la fecha del evento, el nombre de la persona culpable, el título del trabajo de esta persona (dueño, súper, agente de manejo, etc.), y que fue dicho, hecho, o no hecho. Por ejemplo, si le llama a su súper por una reparación en el 5 de Abril y se siente que su petición esta ignorada, anote cuando y como hizo su petición y como se  respondió. Si ve que su vecino consiga una reparación en el 7 de Abril, anótelo también.   

Usando este registro será inmensamente útil en hacer una queja con una agencia o a tomar su caso a la corte. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cómo usar o cuando debe usar este registro, por favor llama a 718-487-2324.


Complaint Procedure Factsheet

Everyone should be free from housing discrimination. There are ways to stand up against this unfair treatment. 

You can: 

  • File a Complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 
  • File a Complaint with New York State Department of Human Rights (NYSDHR)
  • File a Complaint with New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) 
  • Take your complaint to State or Federal Court

Complaint Procedure Factsheet – EnglishEspañol


The following is a list of referral agency contact information.

Referral Agencies for Fair Housing Claims List – English | Español