Take a look at the factsheets below to learn about the rights that you have to be free from discrimination in your home or when looking for a home. Because of your race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, partnership status, marital status, citizenship status, military status, lawful source of income, national origin, religion, disability, family status, or lawful occupation, you cannot experience different treatment. For a complete overview of the types of illegal treatment covered by fair housing laws, see the General Factsheet. Feel free to share and distribute these resources. With any questions about these rights, to make an appointment with a Fair Housing Specialist, or to schedule a Know Your Rights workshop, call 718-487-2324.

 Right to Counsel Bill – Intro 214-A

Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A. is a member of the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition and Supports the passing of Intro 214-A. This legislation will provide free legal representations for low-income tenants in NYC eviction court.

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Intro 214-A Fact Sheet – English | Español

Fair Housing Rights General Factsheet

Housing discrimination may be occurring if you’re treated differently by anyone who sells, rents, or leases housing because of your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, family status, age, military status, gender identity, partnership status, citizenship status, occupation, or source of income. These are “protected characteristics.”

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Fair Housing Rights Sheet – English | Español 


Race and National Origin Discrimination Factsheet

It is ILLEGAL for a housing provider (landlord, manager, super, etc.) to use your race or national origin as a reason to:

  • Refuse to sell, rent, or lease a place to live
  • Delay or refuse to make repairs to your apartment
  • Limit your use of services or facilities in a building
  • Require different terms in your lease, such as different rental charges or security deposits for you

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Race Discrimination Sheet – EnglishEspañol

Source of Income Discrimination Factsheet

It is illegal for a landlord who owns any building containing 6 or more units to discriminate against a tenant or applicant because that individual needs to pay his or her rent with lawful income other than a paycheck.


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Sources of Income Discrimination Sheet- EnglishEspañol


Rental Policy Factsheet

A landlord violates fair housing laws if a rental policy disproportionately or unfairly impacts you because of a protected characteristic (race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, gender identity, religion, disability, family status, age, military status, partnership status, alienage/citizenship status, or lawful occupation).

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Rental Policy Discrimination Sheet – EnglishEspañol