Caroline 'La Hora Consular' Interview
Caroline Iosso with “La Hora Consular” staff

Caroline Iosso, Brooklyn A’s Fair Housing Advocate, was interviewed by the Press and Communications office of the Mexican Consulate for their “Hora Consular” radio program to discuss housing discrimination experienced by many low-income tenants and Brooklyn A’s work to combat it.  The program was a full-length interview in Spanish.

Caroline spoke about the legal services that Brooklyn A provides in working to preserve affordable housing in Brooklyn and stop neighborhood displacement.  In particular, she discussed the rights that tenants have under our country’s fair housing laws.  Caroline also placed her advocacy work at Brooklyn A within the context of changing neighborhoods and how patterns of gentrification and segregation can exacerbate longstanding residential segregation in New York City.

It is crucial that New York City residents familiarize themselves with all of the protections that they have against unfair treatment from their landlords, supers, managing agents, brokers, and real estate agents.  By doing so, they can recognize when this treatment constitutes housing discrimination and what they can do to protect their civil rights to fair and decent housing.  More often than not, gentrification and housing discrimination go hand in hand.  Caroline’s radio segment sought to provide tenants with the tools they need to stand up against violations of fair housing laws, and to protect and preserve the fabric of their neighborhoods from the pernicious effects of residential displacement.

Caroline encouraged tenants to contact Brooklyn A with questions or to set up an appointment with her, and to visit the Fair Housing Zone of Brooklyn A’s website for more information about their rights and how to take action.